Medical Neurohumanities: Sharing insights

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Medical Neurohumanities: Sharing Insights from Medicine, Neuroscience and Music in Pediatric Care

Neurohumanities have long been debated but seldom applied in medicine, with the important relationship between music sciences, music therapy, and pediatric care remaining underexplored. As our understanding of the – young – brain continues to expand, it is crucial to create a shared lexicon that connects music, neuroscience, technological innovations, pediatrics, and healthcare. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, we can deepen our comprehension of the working mechanisms of music therapies and medical interventions for pediatric patients. Sharing insights, approaches, methods, and interventions promotes interdisciplinary understanding, enabling the development of more effective, patient-centered healthcare strategies that consider ethical aspects, shared therapeutic goals, and medical responsibilities.

The goal is to synergistically integrate knowledge from pediatrics, music therapy, and music medicine to develop purposeful, socially and clinically validated treatments. By merging medicine, humanities, and the arts, we create a shared knowledge space that promotes equality within individual disciplines and collective goals, criteria, and indicators. Therefore, by emphasizing integration, collaboration, and iteration in a comprehensive, transparent system, this research topic seeks to assess the effectiveness and impact of music in medicine and clinical therapy in the digital era. By transcending disciplinary boundaries, we foster shared ownership and authorship, hoping to directly influence education, research, and innovation at the intersection of medicine, neuroscience, humanities, and music, ultimately promoting equality through diversity in clinical practice.

We welcome original research and clinical trials, theoretical papers, reviews (systematic and meta-analyses), clinical protocols, feasibility and pilot studies, brief reports, as well as future prospect reviews.


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