Music has a way of minding our brains, and Mind the Music explores the effects that it has on our cognition, emotion, and behaviour. As well as into the fabric of our culture, music is woven into the fabric of our humanity – but where does it come from, and how does it help us to learn?


Individual music listening in intensive care units (ICU) has more frequently reported benefits for reducing anxiety and pain. 

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First sounds, Rhythm, Breath and Lullaby

The Music Therapy department of ArtEZ organizes a NICU training Tier I and Tier II  "First Sounds, Rhythm, Breath and Lullaby",  from Friday 8 until Sunday 10 November 2024 at the ArtEZ Academy of Music Enschede (the Netherlands).


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Medical Neurohumanities: Sharing insights

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Arts in Health in the Netherlands: A National Agenda

Over the past decade interest has grown in the Netherlands for sustainable arts in health programming. Successful projects have encouraged administrators, funders, governments, researchers, and artists to explore the role that the arts can play in care and illness prevention.

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“Narratives are the stories being told, bodies telling them, and media that shape them.”

NICU Training 2023

Congratulations to all new Tier 1 and Tier 2 NICU Music Therapists 2023